Data cleansing should be performed on all databases regularly to ensure the details stored are accurate and up-to-date.

What is data cleansing?

Be Clean, Be Fresh, Be Compliant

Data cleansing is a process in which individual records are corrected or removed because your database is out of date, incomplete or wrongly formatted.

Why should a company clean their database?

Reduce costs, increase response rates, protect your brand, safeguard against potential compliance issues and increase your ability to make more intelligent decisions.

Suppression Cleansing

Clean your database for gone aways, movers, deceased, preference services and more...

HLR Mobile Cleansing

Clean your mobile database against dead numbers, sim cards not activated, deactivated numbers etc and save costs.


Be confident you are legally compliant by cleaning your database against all the preference services.

OSIS Cleansing

Keep your landline numbers clean, accurate to increase response by using BT's phone book of 23 million records updated weekly.

PAF Cleansing

Reduce mailing costs by identifying how many have moved and a forwarding address is available.


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Be clean, be fresh, be accurate, be compliant, save costs

Data Cleansing Tools Explained

Many changes happen every day from people moving house, passing away, changing their telephone number, companies moving premises or closing down. Every year over 6 million people move house, 600,000 people pass way and 250,000 people signup to the Preference Services. You can identify if your database needs cleansing by asking for a free audit from one of our data specialists.

Cleansing your data can identify:

  • The number of correct addresses held
  • Find the number of duplicates at different levels
  • How many deceased records you have
  • How many have moved house with no forwarding address
  • How many have moved house and a forwarding address is available
  • If a business has moved premises or ceased trading

Why should a company clean their database?

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase response rates
  • Negative Publicity - protect your brand
  • Comply with regulations and be compliant

Mobile Cleansing or HLR checking (Home Location Register) is a quick process of validating mobile numbers. We check if a mobile number is live, switched on and to which mobile network it belongs to. This is a quick and efficient method to remove dead or blocked numbers before you start your marketing campaign.

Benefits of mobile data cleansing:

  • Quick and efficient
  • Validate which mobile numbers are live
  • Reduce campaign costs for SMS and calling campaigns
  • Stop time wasted calling dead or invalid numbers
  • Keep your mobile list clean and accurate
  • Identify ported numbers

All the preference services enable individuals to register their objection to receiving direct marketing calls, SMS’, mailings or faxes. Reactiv can suppress your data to keep you compliant and avoid contacting people who have registered to not receive marketing material.

What is TPS? (Telephone Preference Service)

TPS is a central opt out register for all individuals who have asked not to be contacted by telephone by unsolicited marketing or sales calls at their residential telephone number. On the 1st March 1999 the TPS regulation came into place and makes it unlawful to place a sales call to an individual who is registered on TPS register. Failure to comply with the TPS legislations can lead to a fine of up to £5000.

What is MPS? (Mailing Preference Service)

MPS is a central opt out register for all individuals who have registered their address to stop unwanted direct mail being sent. The Mailing Preference Service was established in 1983.

What is CTPS? (Corporate Preference Service)

CTPS is a central opt out register for businesses who have asked not to be contacted by telephone by unsolicited marketing or sales calls on their business telephone number.

What is FPS? (Fax Preference Service)

FPS is a central register for people/businesses to register to stop any unsolicited sales or marketing faxes.

OSIS is a telephone directory containing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of individuals and businesses. Reactiv offer this service finding telephone numbers to match your records where you only have a name and address or to confirm what information you have about that individual is correct.

PAF Cleansing allows you to clean and verify your entire marketing database against the Postcode Address File (PAF) database. You can quickly identify movers, gone aways, deceased individuals to ensure that your data satisfies current delivery standards. The PAF file contains over 28 million UK postal addresses and is updated on a monthly basis by the Royal Mail.

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