With over 50 million records Reactiv has the data you need for your next marketing campaign.

Consumer Data

  • Postal data
  • Landline data for telephone marketing campaigns
  • Mobile/SMS data
  • Email data
  • Financial leads
  • 250,000+ records cleaned every day
  • Real time data feeds available
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Reactiv's Consumer Data file is growing daily with over 50+ million records. We have the data you need for your next campaign; postal data, landline data, mobile/SMS data and email data.

We can provide data within any verified cycle; 0-3, 4-6, 7-12 or over 12 months old.

Reactiv can profile your data with age, income, marital status, home ownership, credit score, credit history and many more.

Postal Data

  • Fresh and accurate postal data
  • Over 23+ million unique postal records
  • Formatted to the PAF file
  • Over 350+ profile selections
  • Target your campaign by postcode
  • Following up a postal campaign with an SMS or email can increase the response by 30%
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We have over 23+ million postal records throughout the UK with over 350+ variables available, perfect for your next campaign. We can profile your data to your exact requirements.

More than 250,000 records are cleaned every day so you can be confident your campaign will be delivered to the right address.

Did you know over 600,000 people move house every year? Reactiv provide data that matches against the PAF file. On output data can be screened against a number of suppression files including goneaways and deceased.

Reactiv can profile by postcode, hobbies, salary income, gender, age and many more.

Landline Data

  • Fresh and accurate landline numbers
  • Over 8.3 million records available
  • Target your campaign by age, postcode, gender etc
  • Can be TPS cleansed
  • Output fields can include Name, Address, Landline Number, Mobile Number and Email Address
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Reactiv has over 8.3 million landline telephone numbers available and can be screened against TPS (Telephone Preference Service) for your telemarketing campaign. Landline data is ideal to understand your customers' interest immediately and have the opportunity to ask questions to assess their needs.

Carry out a successful telemarketing campaign that will help you re-establish lapsed customers' interests or explain complex products or ideas more effectively.

Measure the success of a campaign accurately and increase sales to existing customers.

Mobile / SMS Data

  • Over 8.7+ million opt in mobile numbers
  • Can be checked against HLR for invalid numbers on output
  • Send instant SMS messages
  • Get immediate results
  • Increase sales and enquiries at low costs
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Our mobile database contains over 8.7+ million records and is growing daily. Ideal for contacting individuals quickly either using SMS or a calling campaign as they have the phone with them.

Reactiv's mobile data file is one of the most accurate files in the UK as the file is cleansed through our UK based call centre and the HLR (Home Location Register) file.

All data supplied by Reactiv is fully opted in.

Email Data

  • Get instant results
  • Track which links individuals click on
  • 100% opted in
  • Profile email data with postcode, salary, gender etc
  • Over 4+ million email addresses
  • Available with name, address, contact numbers
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Using email as a channel of marketing is a quick and easy way to get instant results for your campaign.

View the number of emails sent, opened and unsubscribed and see the number of conversions immediately. Reactiv's email data guarantee's to get 99% deliverability using our active email addresses.

Don't have an email provider to send your campaign? That's fine, at Reactiv we have a few you can choose from to ensure your campaign gets delivered at the time you specify. We can also design and build your email creative.

Survey Data

  • Fresh 24 hour old telephone verified leads
  • Opted in data
  • Consumers that have said they want to be contacted
  • Daily files or live feed
  • Most up to date survey data in the UK
  • UK call centre verified
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Use Reactiv's UK based call centre to ask sponsored questions relating to your business. Survey Data known as 'Simple Survey' is a quick outbound call to consumers with 3 to 5 questions aimed at generating hot leads for you.

Get high quality consumers that have indicated they have an interest in the product you have. The consumers we contact already have an active relationship with Reactiv through previous campaigns.

Our database is growing everyday, maintaining our position as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality consumer lifestyle information.

Profiled Data

  • 350+ variables
  • From household through to financial or hobbies
  • Over 50+ million records available
  • Make your next campaign target driven
  • Data counts within 24 hours
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With over 50+ million records and over 350+ variables to choose from, you can be confident your next marketing campaign is driven to reach your target audience.

Selections can include household, financial, hobbies, gender or postcode, Reactiv has the perfect combination.

Get your free no obligation data count and get the results within 24 hours.

Financial Data

  • Real time hot keys
  • 7000+ leads a week
  • Secured / unsecured
  • Loan declines
  • Mortgage / remortgage
  • Debt management
  • Any finance application
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Reactiv generate over 7000 financial leads every week in our 350 seat UK call centre. We have unsecured/secured, mortgage/remortgage, declines, payday, debt management, basically any type of finance applications are available.

Financial leads are available real time either hot keyed, API into your company CRM or flat file on a daily basis. The choice is yours.

Insurance Data

  • Home and contents insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Private medical insurance
  • Plus many more...
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Insurance leads are generated in real time and received within 24 hours. All data is fully opted in and compliant. All insurance leads have agreed to be contacted and have shown an interest in receiving quotes which could save them money and are looking to purchase within the next few months.

Reactiv also hold historic renewals that are all complete with renewal date, ideal for companies looking to target people with any type of insurance policy.


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